Instrument transformer ppt

Nov 23, 2010 · 132 gss ppt 1. by: tanseef ahmed at 132 kv gss new power house r.v.p.n., jodhpur 2. • general discussion on sub stations • layout of 132 kv gss • single line diagram • components used • isolaters • busbars • circiut breakers and its classification • power transformers and its main parts • instrument transformers • current transformers • bucholz relay • earthing ... Replacement vacuum interrupters, vacuum bottle interrupters, vacuum interrupter assemblies, embedded vacuum interrupter pole assemblies for vacuum circuit breakers and contactors are available from Vacuum Interrupters Inc. • Tested electrical systems in: electrical cable, power transformer, circuit breaker, instrument transformer, relay, ground system, and capacitor. • Be able to use Multi-meter, Micro-ohmmeter, and Mega-ohmmeter, Insulation resistance Tester, Ground impedance tester, Power analyzer, CT Analyzer and Power transformer tester Spectrum Analyzer ... manufacturers of power transformers. As a certified full-line supplier, the company has manufacturing plants on three continents and a world-wide network of sales offices and specialized agents serving customers in over 135 countries. More than 500,000 CG Power Systems transformers are currently in use throughout the world.