Cops keep coming to my house

Keep in mind, however, that this is only a general rule. Once the cops knock and announce their presence, they only have to wait a reasonable amount of time for you to come to the door. If you do not come to the door, they are permitted to make a forced entry. What reasons would they call me? If I was in any trouble or a suspect wouldn't they just come to my house? Do I even need to call them back? If I do call them back can I just speak with them on the phone I would rather not speak with police anywhere in real life. I assured her it wasn't my Mom, and she was safe at home. I assumed the topic was over after we hung up and I wouldn't hear from her for a few more years. Two days later, while I am at the store, the police department calls me and asks me to meet the two policemen who were at Mom's house so they could do a wellness check. Jul 21, 2014 · What Should I Do If the Police Want to Talk to Me? I recommend that you should not speak to the police on any criminal investigation all without an attorney. Remember, you are never obligated to talk to the police. But they may keep calling if they want to question you, for whatever reason.