Robo 3t failed to connect via ssl tunnel

Download and install Robo 3T GUI tool. On Robo 3T GUI, in the connection settings, you need to do few changes as shown on below screen shots. Enter mongodb admin database username and password which you have created earlier. Here, I have entered my Ubuntu 18 Vagrant box ssh credentials. Save the changes and press connect icon to see if the ... Robo 3T (formerly Robomongo) Robo 3T 1.3 brings you support for MongoDB 4.0 and SCRAM-SHA-256, an upgraded mongo shell, support for importing from MongoDB SRV connection strings, among many other fixes and improvements. Nov 27, 2013 · Roboteam is happy to announce the release of Robomongo 0.8.4 (currently available version is 0.8.4 RC2). In this version we were mainly concentrated on SSH and SSL protocols and several bug fixes. Although we are showing screenshots of Robomongo for Linux, all this new features are Connect to the database. By default, databases hosted on Scalingo are not directly available on the Internet. To access your database remotely from your workstation you need to setup an encrypted connection: either via an encrypted tunnel or by forcing TLS connection to your database and enabling direct Internet access. Connect with TLS. As a replacement to using an encrypted tunnel to connect to your database, you can make it available on the internet from your database dashboard. You must first force TLS connections. This is done in Robo 3T under the “SSL” tab: