Florida drivers license soundex code

Michigan is one of eleven states which create the Driver's License (DL) number using an algorithm called the Soundex Code. Using this algorithm, a person's first name, full middle name (or middle initial), last name, birth day and birth month (but not year) are combined to create a unique number starting with the first initial of his or her last name. check across state boundaries to see if voters are registered in more than one state or if they have voted in two states on Election Day. Though this task sounds like a relatively simple one—just compare the lists 3 —it is enormously complicated by two facts: (1) the same individual may be represented on the different lists in different ways (John Jones and John X. Jones may refer to the ... The 2000 Florida Legislature amended section 322.05, Florida Statutes, changing the requirements to obtain a Class E license for a driver under the age of 18 holding a learner's license. The following requirements must be met in order to obtain a regular Class E license if a learner's license is issued on or after October 1, 2000: LIKE operator. MySQL LIKE operator along with WILDCARDS finds a string of a specified pattern within another string. In a more technical note, LIKE operator does pattern matching using simple regular expression comparison.