Dryer exhaust smells like natural gas

There is a natural gas type odor coming from my air vents, what could this be The smell is not consistent with the air being on or off. Sometimes it seems as though when the air is on, the smell goes away. we sometimes smell gas when using our kenmore dryer (model 796.90311900). We smell it outside from the exhaust and inside the drum. Sometimes there is no smell. We smell it only when the dryer runs. When I last did laundry I noticed this AWFUL smell when I opened the dryer. My clothes smelled like gas… not the rotten egg natural gas smell, but petroleum gas!! I took my clothes to the laundromat to re-wash and dry them. The Offspring had some clothes which needed washing, so I put her clothes in with mine… UGH! Now hers smell, too. The flame that a gas dryer creates to supply heat is strong enough to ignite vapors from combustible materials, such as paint, stain and varnishes. When exposed to heat, the fumes produced from these products will intensify and can smell of lighter fluid. An Unexpected Day A Cautionary Tale about Natural Gas in Your Home . So today didn’t go as I expected it to go. I guess that is true with much of life. As we woke up, my husband commented that my schedule was very full today as we were expecting delivery people and had other appointments (well checks for the kids and errands to run).