Coulomb counting method for soc

I am trying to estimate SOC of li-ion battery by using coulomb counting method.Estimating SOC by by coulomb counting method requires initial soc and integration of discharge current divided by capacity.Second part i done it but unable to find initial soc.I tried initial soc estimation by using equation of voltage discharge means i discharged ... Sep 01, 2009 · The coulomb counting method is expedient for state-of-charge (SOC) estimation of lithium-ion batteries with high charging and discharging efficiencies. The charging and discharging characteristics are investigated and reveal that the coulomb counting method is convenient and accurate for estimating the SOC of lithium-ion batteries. A smart estimation method based on coulomb counting is ... Also, if there is a board fault or some other condition that causes the load to be 2-3x higher than expected, then this “open loop” method falls apart as battery run time will decrease quickly. By contrast, another more accurate method is called “coulomb counting”; where the coulombs are measured as they outflow from the cell. Improved SOH Estimation through Coulomb Counting Nick Williard, Wei He, Michael Osterman, Michael Pecht Position Statement for BMS workshop at the 2011 PHM Society Conference Montreal, Quebec Objective: To demonstrate a novel method of estimating state of health within the framework of the coulomb counting technique