Oriental shorthair siamese kittens for sale

Finding Kittens for Sale has never been easier! KittensForSale.com is the best and easiest way to connect you with breeders in your area. With hundreds of breeders to choose from, simply search for the kitten breed of your choice and find kittens for sale today! Oriental and Siamese Cats and Kittens. Oriental and Siamese cats are long and slender medium sized cats that are extremely intelligent and can also be very demanding. Once you have been owned by a Siamese or Oriental cat you will never settle for any other breed. They love human companionship and do well in pairs rather than being the only cat ... We have 2 gorgeous Oriental Shorthair kitties for sale. A chestnut guy Asian Shorthair, and a fawn sharp female Siamese. They are up to date on their tries, are spirited, healthy and caring, four and a fifty percent months old, with an ultra short coat, from a pedigreed bloodline. We furnish a composed wellness guarantee, and a change agreement on the kittens. Seeking a caring permanently home ... The Oriental Shorthair is a domestic breed of cats that is very closely related to the Siamese breed. While their gene pool is connected back to Thailand, this breed was actually developed in the United States. They have a very similar appearance to Siamese cats with their head and body shape but come in a variety of colors and patterns. Startrill kittens are Pure Joy. They are healthy, happy, bred for conformation and have wonderful temperaments. We are a small home-based hobby breeder of Siamese and Oriental Shorthair cats. We are based in the southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia and registered with CatsWA, registration number 112/18.