Rheem furnace 3 blinks

Mar 30, 2019 · Today, we came back from a week vacation where we had the thermostat turned down. When we turned up the thermostat, nothing happened. Uh oh. I went down to the furnace to see what was going on and found the green light blinking, but this time it was blinking four times, pause, then four more blinks, pause, four blinks, etc. Rheem WeatherKing RCAF-AU2417AC Unit turns on, (automatic) pilot gets lit, has full power/flame, steady green and amber lights... 45 seconds to 1 minute after the flame goes out. Rheem - 2 blinking Green LED lights. 3 Blinks = Limit Switch Open 4 Blinks = Pressure Switch Failure (remains closed) 5 Blinks = Twinning Circuit Failure * *Only applies to boards with twinning feature. ** The National Service Department has found that the 5 Blink code can occur in some situations when an electronic thermostat is used. Anything you want to know is at www.rheemote.net Nov 24, 2012 · we have a rheem gas furnace. the blower is working all the time with no heat. we replaced the limit control switch and this did not fix it. the led light is still blinking 3 times and then a pause … read more Rheem 95% AFUE Furnace superstore. Huge selection of Rheem 95 Furnaces. Buy Rheem High Efficiency Furnace Direct and save.