Bo innovation chef

Alvin Leung is the Demon Chef and I’ve wanted to eat at his 3 Michelin Starred Restaurant, Bo Innovation Bo Innovation: Hong Kong Michelin Star Restaurant Bo Innovation in Hong Kong is a destination for molecular gastronomy. Info about Bo Innovation: -Chef Leung is a Hong Kong chef who is trying to really pioneer Chinese cooking. He’ll recreate popular Hong Kong and Chinese dishes using more modern flavor combinations and techniques, and it’s nice to see and try the dishes he comes up with. Jan 12, 2016 · 星光 | celebrities; 时尚|fashion; 精表|watches; 珠宝|jewellery; 美容|beauty; 汽车|cars; 生活|lifestyle. 人物|people; 艺术|art Dec 04, 2013 · Bo Innovation has modern decor with abstract art and cool table pieces. The restaurant’s interior is fairly small with just 8 tables. Exterior patio dining is available for cooler days. There is a techy looking mosaic of the chef outside. His nickname in Chinese is Magic Chef or Demon Chef. << How Hong Kong celebrity chef Alvin Leung is using the traditional Buddhist lotus plant to funk up desserts at Bo Innovation >> The dessert 'Everything Lotus' at Bo Innovation is inspired by the lotus plant, a powerful symbol in Buddhist tradition, which regenerates every year, symbolising life, renewal, and the Buddha himself.